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What is Silat Nampon-Trirasa?


3 June, 1999

Art with Double functions, Self defence and the usage possesing the characteristics of Inner Energy.

Nampon - Syahbandar - Kari - Madi movements basically returns each opponent’s attack, pull,push and return with a counter attack.

Founded by Nampon 1932,

The major study consists of 10 steps , mixing the combination of various body movements and the waves bursts of the senses, thus developing into an art of defence. The uniqueness of Nampon-Trirasa , it possesses 2 chracateristics; the reflexive movement of self defence with the movement of art performance. Commonly known as Ibing Penca Silat.

The "Jurus" (step) formats derives from the creator Nampon.

Besides the Art of defence using Inner energy,for distance self defence, also

Nampon teaches the art of "Rapatan" body contact known as Syahbandar, Kari,Madi (and known as "tempelan",and"usik-usikan" or "Main Po") also

The performing art of "Ibing" Penca Silat., a dance from Silat movements,accompanied by the traditional drum and flute base musicians.

Syahbandar study learns by standing on 1 foot to sense the opponent’s energy,training step 1, 2.

Kari study trains to arrest the oppononent,and counter with the arm/leg.

Madi study trains to defeat/finish the opponent using the "Giles"/chop movement

The Art schools with Nampon as foundation-Syahbandar-Kari-Madi are


Question Who was Nampon ?


3 June, 1999

Born in Ciamis,and married to a wife from banten, Nampon started his career as an employee of the Railways Company,in Cianjur/West Java. He started learning from Embah Khair in Cikalong/Cikundul district . He would have to pass the tests by fighting wild animals Tigers,and Monkeys.

Haji Dahlan a friend of Nampon also a student, was known for long hair and never taking baths

When Nampon tried to cut his hair the scissor broke .

His other students/friends were Bang/Be Kari,Bang/Be Madi.

The other wellknown artist a friend/student of Nampon was Uwa Ahmad who was known to fight and defeat Buffalos. He would paralyse by placing one finger on top of the buffalo

Other well known Cikalong artists during that time were : Ateng Alimudin,Bang/Be Ma’ruf,Raden Busrin,Raden Bratadilaga,Raden H Enoch,Raden Abad, Raden Obing,Raden Idrus,Raden Muhyidin, Raden O Saleh,Raden Didi,Raden utuk,Raden Achmad,Raden O Saleh,Raden Atang Karta,Raden Popo, Abah Aleh.

After years of learning he finally studied and concentrated to the famous Cikalong School founded and taught by his friend Mamah Haji Ibrahim, a religious leader and Art Teacher.

After M.H Ibrahim died in 1906, Nampon was entrusted by the founder to continue the school. Nampon who was fortunate to learn from other masters Syahbandar, Kari,and Madi

In 1932 he established a new school called Nampon teaching specifically the art of Inner Energy.

A Nationalist, who have always stood against the Dutch. He taught with the aim of empowering the students to defend the weak, the people who were continuously kept inferior . Nampon have taught many Freedom Fighters in his late years including the 1st President, Mohammad Natsir,Ki Hajar Dewantara.. One of his most valued student was Uwa M Thamim/ Tamim who in 1960 established his school called Trirasa in Bandung using Nampon as the foundation of the art.

Nampon died in Padalarang close to Bandung/West Java, his last school location.

His son today continues to teach Nampon art school called Nampon Putra Padalarang.


Question : Who founded Syahbandar - Kari- madi


3 June, 1999

Mohammad Kosim founded Syahbandar (Died in 1880)

Bang Kari founded Kari

Bang Madi founded Madi


Question : Base on own experience, What is the benefit of Silat Nampon-Trirasa?


3 June, 1999

I have found the learnings very valuable in bringing me here today. The experiences
have been mostly in my daily interactions with people, how this learning of
Nampon - Triarasa have built such rich friendship, with other humans ,
other people so diversified in personalities and wants/needs .

The teachings of Nampon - Trirasa is pure own inner energy that is exercised
from your ownself.
Trained to be generated from within yourself. It is not mixed by any other,"Titipan"- tranced - "Isian" "pinjaman"- borrowed,or any other outside energy than your ownself
It is definitely not what people call mixed with Kebatinan/spiritual powers/force .

Energy that every human being possess and uses daily, to move your own body,
organs,hand,arms,feet, and mind.

God has gifted us with such powerful energy, over the years , human have forgotten to use their real powers/energy.

Now with proper trainings, that energy/power can be transferred, moved out of your body at your command; Energize others, objects, space areas to function as you commands.

Thus Inner energy can be used daily in any situation, improving interactions with other people, build better relationship. Person to person person to a group,and even the masses . Energy can be used to better you in life.

My experience is, Inner energy can improve your presence in your environment.


Question: What is the basis of Nampon – Trirasa?


3 June, 1999

Islam is the basis of the Nampon.
And the school strictly requires that the student use the Art to lead your life under the teachings of the Quran, Hadits,and Sunnah of the Prophet..
To be good human beings - as Muslims.
To be good to others
To protect and defend the weak and threatened,
to help others.
To build friendship - bortherhood.

The foundations of the teachings are :

and breathing

Question: What are the school’s expectations from each student?


3 June, 1999

Nampon-Trirasa expects you to be a good person. Foster friendship,protect -
help the weak and threatened.
Safeguard your family,belongings,
In time of threat, minimize body harm/contact with the opponent, prevent harm to the enemy.
Only when all efforts are used , then inner energy can be used to prevent further harm to you,others and the opponent.
It pulls the opponent down/stops with kindness.

I must admit, I have rarely experienced physical fight/body contact,mostly they end before we even start because I pulled the opponent's mind energy first....
There is no need for a fight with this art. You finish/overcome the threat,

before it even comes out .
Throw his/her NEGATIVE energy away, and let him keep the positive energy when dealing with /meeting you.

Inner Energy, properly trained ....can be used to heal,protect,save,

Pull long distance, push long distance

Create protective energy wall, transferred to others,placed in objects/non
living matters.
Communicate with others(Telepathy?)


Question: Is it only aimed at one person?

3 June, 1999

This energy can be used at the masses. Overcome them with your energy(Over

It is POSITIVE energy.

Through my 30 years of learning, I have experienced many occasions, how this
energy was utilized to heal people,
medically sick,and psychically,either by pure medical and BLACK MAGIC,
This was GOD'S WILL , and only by HIS wish.

Properly trained, the art makes you very sensitive that your energy ,
becomes an energy ring outside your body . Depending on your trainings and
practice , the energy can have a radius of miles.
Thus a person with a specific mind aimed towards you , that enters your
energy radius, ....can be detected by yourself before he physically reaches
Your sensitivity becomes high..

Now here is the connection with spiritualism,
I have experienced that, this art can be sensitive to spirtualism, it can
detect spirits or other forms of energy/force.
I have found that any Being because it is created by God, they are also
energy detectable,thus we can utilize this to combat NEGATIVE energy/force.
"Jin" is a being created solely to worship GOD, both NEGATIVE/BAD AND

Some arts utilize spirits- "Jin" for borrowed energy. This art can
correspond to theses types.
People who are tranced use spiritual energy/beings in themselves , by either
borrowed or Placed by others.These arts are called "Jadi-jadi-an", for Tiger
Style.Snake style,Monkey style, Aligator style, and many others.


Question: Why is Silat Tenaga Dalam difficult in a demonstration situation, or friendly situation ?

3 June, 1999

Basically, what happens,is that ......
Most of the time in a non confrontational situation,
the attacker does not exert/transmit the full energy/Bio Electrical waves – senses, concentration of mind,and movement as sufficient energy.

That is why our school do not allow you to demonstrate outside,show off,or even try it out to another person outside the school.
Silat of this style/school should be practiced only with another student who is trained/can /is able to concentrate all his body energy,movement ,nerve system,and mind to become a full concerted energy as if a full hearted attack.
That is what we call Inner energy condition.
In this condition you will be able to feel the inner energy transmitted out
of another person's body.
It becomes a receiver and transmitter situation.

You can sense his energy coming out of his body, directed at you.

In this condiiton, you can then use the inner energy against the other to physically drop/fall the opponent .



Question : Can you use Silat Tenaga Dalam against a cold blooded attacker?
Answer: Yes....

3 June, 1999

In principle any living person that has intentions, has Bio Electric waves going out of his body.
He uses energy whether for Positive or negative intentions.
Now a cold blooded attacker,and specially a trained cold blooded attacker
also experienced,is trained to hide his emotions and disguises energy
/movement until the last split second. He deceives the other with fake movements.

With a lightning speed he/she moves to attack accurately. This person is cool.
Yet he concentrates to Kill....Concentration is energy,and that is the common denominator.

Now the other person.....
this depends on his experience and skill.
A trained artist who is also cool, will know exactly when and where the
energy moves out of the attacker's body on that split second. The exact muscle in a split second is known.
On that very instant,
The trained person by reflex already "shoots" his energy to meet before the attacker's hand/arm/foot even touches the person.
He preempts the attack through capability of receiving the Bio Electrical transmission of the Attacker.

My own experience , in practice the attacker will not be able to move close to the person.
A trained artist, normally will already receive early warning Bio electrical energy transmissions before the attcaker reaches close to him. By experience he can already counter at a distance , thus preventing a combat, and no one loses,no one is harmed.


Question: What type of Silat using Kracht/Energy

Answer : 5 June, 1999

There are various Silat Arts with various basis of energy utilization
1. Silat with pure human inner energy and SIlat mixed with Magic/Sihir

Silat with pure energy,witout any mixture of spiritual/external power is what I call the

puritan/fundamentalists. This should be totally separated and is a clean energy Human


The second main category which is complex are the ones below:

Silat using the techniques of Hipnose,Magnetism,Mesmerism are described as follows:

Thus human energy using Hipnose base silat,or Magnetic base silat,or Mesmeristic base silat

It is common that they are performed in presence , and or with the assistance of Jinns.

Thus the person performs silat with the presence of the Jinn.

2. Hipnose

Hipnotic, artificial sleep/unconsciousness,training the eyes to be strong with external body

. a. To put someone to sleep/unconscious - or even in trance, then use him/her during

unconsciousness , or injecting/transferring Silat skill.
Thus using the body of someone to perform silat .

b. To move objects/telekinetic by eye + mind power/energy

  1. Magnetism . used to transfer energy/power onto an object, or what we call Biomagnetic, or live magnet.
  2. Mesmerism
    a. To subdue (relate) wild animals,aligators,elephants
    b. Train animals - dogs - German shepherds/police dogs.

Mesmerism can be used also to communicate with these animals.
Each of the above Silat styles/schools can borrow, or can use the invisible
beings of Jinns to practice Silat. With the Jinn, extra capabilities are inherited, extra powers, reading the opponents mind, becoming invisible, high jumping, diversion, distracting,
double image,and invulnerabilty. The Tiger Jinn mesmeristic silat performs a tiger movement,and sharp paws capabilities,and strength. An eagle Jinn mesmeristic silat perofrms the speed of the eagle and many animal silat styles.

A. Jinn inside the person's body can perform the Silat of a dead person's/living Silat Style.

B. Now this becomes very complex and unlimited, where do you want to go?
Spiritualism is used in many areas still close to nature and animism.
And here the use is unlimited and very abstract.
Positive and negative undefined . Depending which mind, and faith you have.
C. Now ,let's keep it simple.
The good schools teach Silat as the basis for Good deeds, make pendekar,
good citizens of their country,society.
They are Clean and Pure Silat with pure human energy,without the mix of
Jinns as Associate.

Question : What is the origin of Nampon ,and who were the founders

Answer 14 August, 1999

Founders and Gurus related to Nampon Trirasa Jayakarta